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"Great kit for throwing on over my clothes when I come out of the water and need layers quickly. Comfortable and unrestrictive. I am also converted to their Tee's for training. They felt great on the 26extreme 10km event and also sat neatly under a light running jacket. Perfect jackets for the many wet days on the North Coast [of Northern Ireland]. I found myself dry when tying boats on the roof, waiting for Duke of Edinburgh groups to arrive into check points or when coaching rugby."  
Jonny Bingham 8484 Jonny Bingham British/European/World Surf Kayak Champion, Duke of Edinburgh Leader & Mountain Biker
Marthinus Esmeyer, one of Silverback’s sponspored athletes has been riding the 2012 full carbon Storm 29er. ” Took it through some very tight technical singletrack where you have no room for error or you’ll… be hanging from a tree. As I said before this must be one of my most comfortable rides ever. The root littered areas of the trail get soaked up so well by the bike, it feels like a full-sus. It rolls easily through rock gardens and over big drops. The cornering is way better than my 26er, even on very tight stuff between trees. Just have to watch my bars. Feels like one has more confidence on very loose stuff due to all the extra rubber on the ground. The difference is nearly like going from a normal bakkie to a 4×4 when you get to ruff terrain.”
36632_436313069717154_113140362034428_1842220_343375196_n Marthinus Esmeyer Professional South African MTB Champion
“Offers all the speed and traction advantages of big wheels in a lightweight, cross-country orientated package” READ BIKE RADAR’S REVIEW on the new Storm 29er.

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